Currency Museum of Bank Al-Maghrib

Take a tour through the history of currencies here, there and everywhere.

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Currency Museum of Bank Al-Maghrib

A vast collection of mint memorabilia

The almost unknown Currency Museum of Bank Al-Maghrib was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI in June of 2002, with a collection containing more than 30,000 monetary pieces. Curiously, it has taken quite a while for this collection to come to light, the main funds of which date back to 1947. Inside, you will discover a high-technology macro-museum of over 2,000 square metres, its distinctly modern design attributing a futuristic aspect to the history of the Central Bank and its exclusive numismatic collection. A trip to this museum is an audio-visual experience to say the least, and is not complete without a look around the permanent exhibition dedicated to the world of economy, part of the treasured pictorial collection of Bank Al-Maghrib. If you visit the museum website you will also be able to find out about its cultural programme, a schedule of activities ranging from conferences about Moroccan artists and courses on numismatics, to the innovative children’s workshop entitled “how to design your own banknote”.

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