We couldn’t leave out an Italian restaurant that makes you feel like you’re in Rome itself!

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Gusti e Sapori

O sole mio…

As is always the predicament of Italian cuisine, planning when to arrive at the Gusti e Sapori restaurant is easy, but planning when to leave is a different story entirely. This is because, first of all, choosing from amongst such exquisite Italian delicacies – people speak wonders of the squid ink spaghetti, not to mention the fresh tasting seafood – is going to take some time indeed. Secondly, the Italian wine list is quite possibly going to drive you mad. And thirdly, a whole host of sinfully sweet desserts are gathered together at this restaurant. You will, of course, find all those things that you’re probably missing by now, such as delicious pizzas and cold meat dishes. What’s more, the menu is so extensive and the portions so generous – they don’t even skimp on the enormous wedges of mozzarella that adorn the salad –, you’ll definitely be coming back for more. As for the waiters, although primarily local residents, the service they provide is abound with that warm spontaneous Italian charm. You will not be disappointed.

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