Lose yourself in the narrow blue and white streets and take in the views.

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Kasbah of Oudayas

The most Mediterranean of kasbahs

Today, any citizen of Andalucía, Valencia or Extremadura would most probably be able to trace their roots and ancestors back to the Kasbah (Fortress) of Oudayas, where the Moriscos expelled from Spain took refuge in around 1610. During this period, Rabat opened its gates to their craftsmen, potters, bookbinders and merchants, who at the same time influenced the Andalusian style of the city and its white washed houses. Yet not only was it a refuge for Spanish Moriscos, but also the freebooters who plundered the Mediterranean under the protection of Rabat’s ruler, subsequently converting the city into a kind of autonomous republic of pirates and exiles. The corsair adventure of Rabat came to an end, however, in 1666 when the Alaouites took control. As you explore the narrow streets of this kasbah, full of nooks and crannies, between the blue and white houses with shadows and passageways leading to courtyards with gardens, you can’t help but think you’re wandering around the streets of southern Spain.

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