Le Petit Beur (Dar Tajine)

Here’s one of the few places where you can enjoy your meal with a good glass of wine.

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Le Petit Beur (Dar Tajine)

A cosy venue for a soirée with a difference

It would be a good idea to make a reservation or arrive before rush hour, because the small venue of Le Petit Beur, also known as Dar Tajine, fills up at both lunch time and dinner. Its success lies in its traditional cuisine, which comes complete with a musician who softly plays a melancholic lute whilst you dine, though the small confines of this restaurant offer little opportunity for privacy. At the Dar Tajine, the delicious and hearty Moroccan dishes can be enjoyed with a good wine or beer, a rare thing in other restaurants of Rabat. The specialities include the “pastilla poulet”, tagine and couscous, but don’t lose sight of the tasty dessert menu. Another plus point of the small cosy Dar Tajine is its close proximity to Hotel Balima, making it the perfect opportunity for a soiree of dinner and drinks.

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