With assistance from Spain, the creation of this museum is yet another demonstration of the passion for art.

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National Jewellery Museum

A tour through the world of Moroccan jewellery-making

The historical relationship between Andalucía and Morocco bore fruit in 2006 with the collaborative inauguration of the National Jewellery Museum, a project which received a financial contribution of 150,000 euros from the Andalusian purse. The overall objective of this museum is to promote Moroccan craftsmanship and jewellery-making, from prehistoric to modern times. The permanent exhibition, in particular, owes much to the tradition of the expelled Moriscos who escaped from Andalucía and re-established their jewellery workshops in Rabat. Situated in the Kasbah of Oudayas, the National Jewellery Museum contains close to 300 pieces of exquisite beauty, and is a collection which clearly identifies the luxury preferences of specific historical eras: shells and bones feature in prehistoric ornaments; necklaces with glass beads were fashionable during Roman times; pendants, rings and gold coins denote the medieval period. The wealth of riches housed in this museum – look out for the items featuring precious stones – can tell us a great deal about the tastes and customs of Moroccan high society.

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