There’s no doubt about it. If you like surfing, the Atlantic waves await you.

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Oudayas Surf Club

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If you’re passionate about surfing then you’re definitely in luck. The Atlantic brings some of the best waves to the beaches of Rabat, a detail which has not escaped the attention of the Moroccan king, Mohammed VI. Apparently, not only does he practice the sport as often as he can, but is actually the founding member of the Oudayas Surf Club. Whether you already know how to surf and just want to rent a board, or you fancy taking some lessons, you will find everything you need at this surf and body-board school on Rabat beach. The local surfers love competing against the tourists (and winning), so if you go near anyone with a board you will find they are only too happy to advise you on the best and worst surf-spots, the dangerous tides and what you ought to know about the sea conditions. To get your strength back after a day of waves and wipe-outs, take a seat at the surf club coffee shop and relax on its terrace.

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