Take a stroll amidst the stalls of this open-air market, immerse yourself in its aromas and discover those typical Moroccan flavours.

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Rabat Municipal Market

A delightful blend of fragrance and colour

You’ll instantly be able to tell when you’ve arrived at Rabat Municipal Market on Avenue Hassan II. A vital hub for the buying and selling of fruit and vegetables, all stacked up in crates in the open air, you cannot fail to miss those distinctive aromas, often intensified by the heat. Indeed, it is certainly the place to go to buy fresh fruit picked that morning – it’s recommended you stick to fruit that you can peal or, alternatively, you should wash it with bottled water to avoid any stomach problems – and get rid of those hunger pains before taking a wander around the city. The market also sells (by weight) the unique and exclusive spices of Moroccan cuisine, which could make for a great exotic gift idea, perhaps, or even a token of your time in Rabat. Before purchasing any local flowers or seeds, however, make sure that you are aware of the latest travel regulations, for they may prohibit the transport of seeds coming into Europe, or require that you declare them, in order to avoid the planting of potentially invasive foreign species.

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