You’ll find everything you’re looking for on this street, but be prepared for a bit of haggling.

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Rue des Consuls

Barter a bargain with the best!

Rue des Consuls originally owes its name to the fact that it once harboured the majority of the foreign embassies in Rabat, acting as a sort of diplomatic central up until 1912. Its initial task was seemingly to negotiate with the Corsair Republic of Salé and free the European prisoners who had fallen into the hands of pirates. Nowadays, however, the only remnant from that era of hard-bargaining is the haggling over prices for which this avenue is now famous. In fact, it is one of the city’s prime shopping districts. So where there were once donkeys carrying saddlebags laden with craft products from the villages, now vans arrive loaded with merchandise, though they still bring with them the occasional elderly merchant intent upon attracting some trade. What’s more, the charm of Rue des Consuls equally extends to the neighbouring streets, where you will find the master craftsmen organised according to their specialist field: leather, metal, ceramics, silver… An absolutely essential shopping trip during your stay in Rabat!

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