If you have a few days to spare, then just cross the river and continue to be enamoured by this region.

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More traditional but just as charming

The best way to begin your trip to Salé, Rabat’s twin city just across the river, is to take the picturesque tram which connects the centres of these two cities. Known as the “Corsair Capital” due to a tumultuous past, its original Roman name was “Sala Colonia”, and in the tenth century it was founded as the capital by a Berber tribe. Despite its close proximity to Rabat, Salé is more conservative and traditional, which means it is essential to observe standards of dress and behaviour so as not to offend local residents. Places of interest include the Islamic cemetery where, although non-Muslims are not allowed to enter, one may admire its stunning architecture from outside. Alternatively, if you fancy spending your day shopping for souvenirs, such as traditional raffia mats or rustic wool handiworks, the souks of Salé boast the most specialised and highest-quality textile craftsmanship in the region.

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