Souk es Sebbat (Jewellery Souk)

Quaint little artisan shops where, if you’re not careful, you’ll get carried away with all the precious stones and jewellery!

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Souk es Sebbat (Jewellery Souk)

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Shopping in the Medina can be utter madness if you don’t have a fixed budget in mind or a shopping list to hand. This is especially true of Souk es Sebbat, also known as the Jewellery Souk or Gold Souk, the place to go if you fancy treating yourself to a precious or semi-precious stone. Apparently, even Rabat’s engaged couples flock here to pick out their wedding gems, to be paid for by the future husband, of course, occasionally in instalments. The jewellery shops are basically small booths owned by filigree craftsman who work with much more than just gold and silver, but who will sometimes charge by the weight, regardless of the engraving work of the jewellery item in question. Despite their prices, they will always be cheaper than anywhere in Europe, but bear in mind that haggling is a national sport in Morocco, even in this souk.

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