Different to that of other cities, it's quieter and right next to the sea.

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The Medina

Fewer mazes yet just as unique

The historic centre of Rabat, its Medina, preserves the essence of the traditions and street trades of the Moroccan people without the stressful tourist commotion that you might find in other cities like Fez or Marrakesh. In the souk of the Medina the street vendors do, of course, want you to buy from them rather than the neighbouring competition, but they will not follow you down the street haggling over the price. Much as they have done for centuries, the artisans continue to work in front of their stores, so you can literally see the products being made before your eyes. What’s more, it’s easy to find your way around this peaceful promenade, since the layout is not at all maze-like, and so a guide won’t be necessary. However, a piece of advice before delving into all its nooks and crannies: don’t let yourself be tempted by the fruit juices sold on the street stands. Albeit delicious, an unaccustomed stomach will inevitably end up with a few problems.

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