Traditional dishes, but not like anything you might have tasted before.

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Yamal Acham

A different take on Moroccan cuisine

For the foodies among us, as well as the non-experts, the Yamal Acham restaurant proves that not all Arabic food is the same. Neither is it restricted to the traditional Moroccan dishes that you probably would’ve already tried everywhere else in Rabat. The Yamal Acham transports you to Syria in the Middle East, where similar ingredients are used but in a completely different way. It is a beautifully decorated venue with delicately embossed seats and a lounge area fitted with cushioned sofas, ideal for drinking tea. Their dishes include the classic humus, kebabs, warak enab (a Syrian recipe of grape leaves filled with meat and rice) and a whole range of delicious desserts, especially those made with pistachios and honey. One of the most appealing quirks of Yamal Acham, however, is the tea or coffee option (Turkish for brave bellies and espresso if all you want is to savour that great coffee taste).

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