Ancient Roman thermal baths, where the inhabitants came to relax and talk to their neighbours

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Caracalla Thermal Baths

Travel through time

Have you ever heard of the Roman thermal baths? The Terme di Caracalla remain standing as if they would like to show you the luxuries of the Roman civilization. Inside, behind almost 30 metre high walls, is the most complex architectural network in the city. Although it may sound like a cliché, it is amazing how these hot water systems started working in 216 AD. They were built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. There were several more thermal circuits, spread around the city, as there was a big demand for them. In fact, they were free to use. Inside, in addition to different bathing areas with different temperatures, it was decorated with the intention of helping those who used the baths to relax. The neighbours came to these thermal baths to meet and talk to their fellow citizens, and so, they were also able to use large leisure areas. Although you can no longer see the original decoration, you will be able to see all the nooks and crannies on the way to the calidarium (hot) pool and later sit in the doorway, as the ancient Romans did, and watch the sun set over the city of Rome.

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