Buildings from the II century which, thanks to their conservation, give you an idea of what they really were like.

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Hadrian´s Villa

Archaeological remains on the outskirts of Rome

Ready to go back in time? Hadrian's Villa is in an area of over 120 hectares, on the outskirts of Tivoli. Within the area there are, hundreds of buildings and structures that were erected in the II century. Being so isolated and so well preserved, you can well imagine what this area looked like when it was constructed. It was the emperor Hadrian`s boredom that brought about the construction of the park. This emperor, weary of his enormous palace ordered this huge park be constructed and, the reconstruction of his favourite buildings within it, from Egyptian, Greek and other empires, which had drawn his attention. The purpose was simply to relax, wandering among the reproductions of the original buildings. It might not be the most practical construction in the empire but it has left us one of the most beautiful testimonies of the Empire. Strolling around the streets formed by the buildings, one building which draws one's attention is the Maritime Theatre, surrounded by an enormous beautiful pond, an ideal place to relax for a while, contemplating the group of Roman columns that defend it. Later, you can visit the Roman Canopus and the Temple of Serapis, based on ancient Alexandria constructions, a very influential city in Roman history.

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