You can't spend time in Rome without trying a delicious ice cream

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Ice Cream

If Italian ice cream is famous…

The production of ice cream goes back in time to the Chinese civilization, many centuries before the death of Jesus Christ or perhaps to the Egyptian civilization or perhaps it was Marco Polo who discovered this recipe on his travels, and brought it back to the old continent. It is impossible to know the exact origin. But what is true, is that Italy and Rome have a long tradition in making ice cream and it is one of the delights of Italian cuisine. In fact, this tradition began as a royal pleasure because it was very expensive to preserve the cold ice until it reached the dinner table. Therefore, only royalty and the upper classes could afford it. But they did, foment experiments by artisans to achieve some delicious desserts. In Rome you will find a multitude of ice-cream parlours and travelling sales people selling very appetizing ice cream but by if you ever come across them, there are two very popular shops. One is Giolitti in Piazza della Colonna and another is Della Parma, which is a little further on, in the same street. Both make ice cream daily, and you will be surprised at the variety of flavours.

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