San Juan de Letrán (St. John Lateran)

This basilica has the honour of being the first church to be built in Rome

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San Juan de Letrán (St. John  Lateran)

The cathedral of Rome

You are in front of the oldest church in the world. Hence the inscription on the façade: Mother and Head of all Churches in the City of Rome and the World This is nothing more than the birth of the Christian church as we know it today. During the III century, with the conversion from paganism to Christianity, Emperor Constantine I was able to stop the persecution of Christians. He then assigned this land to the Pope to establish himself there (it is believed to have been Pope Melchiades). Thus, St John Lateran was the Pope's residence until the XIV century, when the decision was taken to transfer to the Vatican. Not everyone knows it, but this church is the Cathedral of Rome and is the model for all other churches. It is a pity that a large number of monuments, which decorated the outside of the church, were destroyed by several fires that ravaged the city of Rome. Although we can still see the 45 metre tall obelisk, which was brought from the Circus Maximus and that is the highest point in the whole city.

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