Over the years, the Vatican city has collected important works of art that you must see

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The Vatican Museum

The Vatican art collection

This museum began an art collection belonging to Pope Julius II, which was transferred to the Vatican when he was elected Pope. From then on, one of the largest art exhibitions in the world was created from the legacy of each pope and private families from Rome. The Vatican Museums are the greatest contribution to the world of art, by the Vatican State. Although they were united by the construction and establishment of the Pope's residence in the Vatican in St. Peter's Square, there are other points of interest when visiting these collections. For example, the Square Garden, known as the Octagon Courtyard (Patio of the Belvedere Statues) , located in front of the Vatican Art Gallery. While strolling around this beautiful garden, you can contemplate the sculptures, which this museum was founded with in the XVI century. The Etruscan Museum, founded by Pope Gregory XVI, which includes testimonies from the Etrurian civilization, is highly recommendable. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about this civilization and its influence on Rome. With this collection, the Vatican gives you an opportunity to see the history of Rome.

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