Ride around the city on a Vespa and see Roma from a different point of view

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The Vespa

The real Italian symbol

Do you know why they called the motorcycle "Vespa?" It is said that, when Piaggio, the owner of the brand, saw the prototype, he exclaimed: It looks like a wasp! And from then on, the motorcycle was known by that name. Now, the very well known Italian Vespa, is one of the icons that is most identified with Italy. This model became popular in the 50s because the brand, Piaggio, made the right decision when they made a people's motorcycle . As time went by this motorcycle has become one of the symbols of Rome and Italy. And, even though you can't buy one, you will find all kinds of souvenirs with its image. Plus the fact that, renting a Vespa to see Rome has become very popular in recent years, and can be fun and cheap. There are lots of places where you can rent a Vespa. In fact, you can get information and rent a one in the Termini station, as soon as you get off the train. What is more comfortable, and fun, than riding around Rome on a Vespa?

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