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Villa Borghese

Nature in the middle of the city

The Villa Borghese is a quiet corner on the outskirts of Rome where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. It is one of the largest green areas in Europe and, of course, the most appetising, in Rome. This enormous park is not like others, maybe it is not so famous and that is why there is so much peace and quiet. It is not a place filled with monuments, there is a special harmony between nature and the art that decorates it. It is presided by a palace. Actually, this building dates back to the XVII century and still reminds people of Cardinal Borghese, who was an important person for art in Rome during the XVI and XVII centuries. This cardinal took over all the adjacent land and created this enormous park. He was also patron to a large number of artists at that time. That is why, when the family went into decline in the XIX century, the Roman government established the Borghese Art Gallery there, with works of art by Titian, Bernini, etc. Inside this park there are other attractions to visit, like the Zoo of Rome or the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre, which is a curious reproduction of Shakespeare's Theatre.

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