Are you thinking of reproducing Caribbean recipes? Then you have to visit this shop and equip yourself with a good arsenal of native spices…

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Las Arcadas (The Arches) (Spicy Caribbee)

Banana ketchup.

If you like Puerto Rican food, you must keep in mind that you possibly won't find their native spices back home, not even in gourmet shops. For that reason, or if you want to give an original gift, it's worth visiting the shop 'Las Arcadas' - Spicy Caribbee, specialized in attractive Caribbean flavourings, including 'ketchup de banana' (banana ketchup). The great advantage is that they let you try their products there on the spot, so you know exactly what you'll be getting. If you test the sauce known as 'Fuego' (Fire) and your eyes fill up with tears, the sales assistants will run back with a teaspoon of jam to relieve you of the hot and spicy taste. You'll also find a large variety of Puerto Rican coffee, vanilla and traditional honey for sale. If you don't think your purchases will arrive safely inside your suitcase, you can request that they send your goods in the post, and they will take care of everything.

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