A 12 metre-tall indigenous symbol, surrounded by water fountains. Don't miss it!

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Totem Telúrico

The work of Jaime Suarez.

One of the most interesting contemporary monuments in San Juan is called 'Tótem Telúrico' and this is a work by the Puerto Rican artist Jaime Suárez, which is made of ceramic pieces with black granite and was built in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the New World. Located in the square ‘Plaza del Quinto Centenario’, the 12-metre tall Tótem is the symbol of pro-Indian roots of American villages, representing the Taino origin in particular and created by this multitalented artist who, after having trained to become an architect, developed a large part of his career in the ceramic world of great dimensions, as well as sculpture, painting and even stage design. The 'Tótem Telúrico' is framed in a refreshing square with water fountains that emerge from the ground and it unites villagers and tourists, children and adults who all come to spend a pleasant and leisurely afternoon, cooling themselves down in the water during the hot periods.

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