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Strolling is the best way to experience this charming part of the city.

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Get Lost in the Medina

Picturesque alleys wait you

Undoubtedly, you can't leave Tangier without once (or more) getting lost in the winding streets of the medina. Enjoy your stroll as you marvel at the architecture of the arabesque houses with their interesting doors and windows, as well as the lookout points with their stunning views. The area remains unchanged over the years, maintaining its essence and charm. As you lose yourself in this maze (you're going to get lost whether you like it or not!), you'll come across lots of small shops and stalls where you can find unimaginable objects. It's a relatively quiet area where you will see plenty of other equally lost tourists, as well as many locals offering to be your tour guide. If you're not interested, simply reject the offers politely.

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