A must-see monument that's a key part of Tangier's history.

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The City Wall

Defending the city

It was from here that years ago the bay was monitored. Due to the strategic position of the city in the north of Morocco facing the Strait of Gibraltar, the fortress wall was built to prevent enemy attacks and keep the kasbah and medina, where political power were concentrated, safe. In the north you will see the gates of Bab Haha and Bab al-Assa (where 'sinners' were once punished in public), that link the kasbah to the medina, while in the south the Bab Fahs gate links the medina with the rest of the city. Stroll through the medina to the port and out the Bab el Bahr (Gate of the Sea) that opens majestically against the vast bay with its forts, the Borj el Hadjoui and Borj el Mosra with their guns aimed at the enemy. For great views, continue north to Borj el-Baroud for its beautiful panorama of the harbor.

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