With a touch of the monumental, this building's stylised decorative features are second to none.

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Simeón building

A modern gem in the historical quarter.

Also known as "Almacenes Simeón" as it was used by the Simeón trading company as a warehouse, it is an iconic example of Vigo's modernist architecture. What really stands out about this building is its lavish granite-carved decoration, with a mixture of floral and animal motifs such as roses and dolphins and a handsome cock standing guard from the very top. It also boasts an impressive blend of materials, mixing stone with wrought iron on the balcony railings, whose curving lines are typical of the art nouveau style. The project was initially led by architect Benito Gómez Román, but his brother Manuel took over the commission when Benito fell ill, finishing the building in 1911. Curiously, the face of an old woman on the first floor of the building is said to be the architect's mother, carved by his own hand.

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