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09 août 2018Retour

New digital press trial

Thousands of international newspapers and magazines

For a trial period Iberia are offering all their customers access to thousands of international newspapers and magazines. Our customers will be able to download an unlimited amount of titles before, or after, their flight through a simple APP.

Who can access?

In this first trial period, those customers who fly with Iberia and include their Iberia Plus number in the booking, buy the tickets directly with Iberia or access the Madrid Premium Lounges can enjoy this service. In the next phase, this service will be integrated in the Iberia APP in order to give an easier access to all those customers who fly with Iberia.

How to access now?

There are two different ways to access to the platform:

  • Before your flight
    There is a link to the platform in the email that Iberia sends 24 hours before the flight to do the check-in online. You can access PressReader by clicking on this link.

  • In the Premium Lounges
    The Premium Lounge team will give the Iberia customers who access the Premium Lounges a voucher with a code if they did not receive the email. With this code they can access the PressReader catalogue and download all the publications they are interested in for a 24 hour period.
    These codes will be activated in:

Access time

Customers who use the codes from the Premium Lounges have 24 hours to download what they would like to. In the rest of the cases it depends on the class they are flying in and the Iberia Plus level:

  • Economy and Premium Economy customers: 24 hours.

  • Iberia Plus Oro and Business customers: 48 hours.

  • Iberia Plus Platino customers: 72 hours.

  • Infinita and Infinita Prime customers: 10 days.