Bordeaux wine and cheese

For a city and region so known for their gourmet delicacies, there are few better souvenirs than the distinctive wines and/or cheeses of Bordeaux.

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Bordeaux wine and cheese

What better memento?

It would be a crime to leave Bordeaux without taking with you some samples of its typical local edibles and wines. Did you know that Aquitaine produces three types of cheese specific to this region? They are Issau-Irati, Rocamadour, and Cabécou; other cheeses made locally include blue cheese and smoked goat cheese. For wine, we'd recommend Le Chai des Chartrons on Rue Minvielle, where the staff will be happy to advise you as well as pack your purchases thoroughly, whether you're packing it in your suitcase or shipping separately (which, remember, will be necessary if you're traveling with hand luggage only).

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