Impressive for its history and sculpturework, but especially fascinating for its ancient underground crypt.

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Saint Seurin Church and Crypt

Remarkable relics of early medieval Christianity.

Located in Place des Martyrs, the Basilica of Saint Seurin is one of the oldest Christian sites in Bordeaux, dating back to the 6th century (though much of the existing architecture we see today dates from later additions in the 12th and 14th centuries). According to legend, Charlemagne laid upon the altar here the olifant (ivory hunting horn) of his nephew Roland, killed at Roncesvalles. In addition to being of considerable historic and sculptural interest (one of the reasons it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site), one of the most fascinating things about Saint Seurin is the early medieval underground crypt discovered by accident during excavation work. It's open to visitors, who can gaze upon its Merovingian marble sarcophagi and learn some of the history of the early French Christians.

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