What's it like to milk a vache? Funny you should ask…

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A taste of life on various types of French farms.

Especially if you're a city slicker or suburbanite, one of the more original activity ideas in the Aquitaine region has to be a program called "Bienvenue à la Ferme" ("Welcome to the Farm"), in which more than a thousand agricultural businesses open their doors to tourists for short immersive visits. If you always wanted to see what it was like to milk a cow, and/or you'd like your kids to learn that milk and eggs don't actually originate in the supermarket, this is a great opportunity - plus a chance to learn about French country life, as well. The programme's offerings range from single activities to overnights and multiple-day stays. Some farms offer riding lessons, while others teach things such as beekeeping and honey production; fruit picking followed by the making of preserves and brandy; grape picking and winemaking; and more.

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