A chilling look at nearly half a century of Hungarian history under fascism, then Communism

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House of Terror

Remembering the Victims of Totalitarianism

Located in Pest at Andrássy Út 60, Budapest's "Terror Háza" sounds like one of those scary-fun haunted houses that pop up each year around Halloween. Unfortunately, it's an actual museum, inaugurated in 2002, documenting the real-life horror show that was the year-long Hungarian fascist regime and Nazi occupation of the 1940s, followed by 42 years of Communism. The four storeys here display a range of exhibits about political, cultural and everyday life under totalitarianism; particularly chilling are the basement-level mock-ups of secret-police holding cells and torture chambers. A sobering reminder not just of the grim past, but that a few similar such regimes still exist in the present.

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