Another fascinating museum of the Communist era, half an hour from the centre, containing dozens of retired public statues and monuments

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Memento Park

Say Hello to Marx, Lenin, and the Heroic Red Army!

After the fall of the Communist dictatorship in 1989, 42 gigantic, bombastic statues and monuments to the glory of Marxism that had been planted around the city were moved to this open-air museum inaugurated in 1993 in an outlying district about half an hour south of the city (reachable via public transportation). Today, they provide local and foreign visitors alike with a reminder of a dark period indeed in this country's (and Europe's) 20th-century history; many of the statues are Hungarian, but Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and monuments to the Soviet Red Army can be found here as well. There are other relics from the Communist Era here as well, such as a Trabant (the tiny, clunky East German car), an exhibition covering that era, a "Communist hotline" with extracts of political speeches; a film about the secret police; and of course a shop with propaganda posters and replicas of other items from that era. Open daily from 10:00 to sunset; 25-percent discount when booking online.

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