An opulent Buda mansion that's been a key seat of political power for much of its existence and whose interior is occasionally open to the public

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Sándor Palace

Digs of Hungary's Prime Ministers & Presidents

Built for the aristocratic Sándor family at the start of the 19th century, this red-roofed, neoclassical palace in Szent György Square, just north of Buda Castle, was so luxurious that even its stables were made from marble. The facade is adorned with bas reliefs over the entrance depicting the Sándors as well as the Roman goddess Venus and the celebration of the solstice; the interior is even more opulent, designed in a largely Baroque style. The palace served as the residence of the Habsburg governor and then of the country's prime ministers up until World War II, during which it suffered significant damage and was not fully restored until 1983. Since 2003, it has been the official residence and office of the Hungarian president and parts of it are open to the public on summer weekends and during special exhibitions.

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