The DR's national dance/music has caught on worldwide - but there's nothing like experiencing it on its home turf.

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Merengue Music & Dance

A catchy route to the Dominican soul.

It's not known exactly how merengue originated - some evidence points to a relationship with mereng from next-door Haiti. Regardless, it has deep roots in Dominican culture as a vehicle for the country people to express their discontent at the rampant social injustice against them, stretching back to the 19th century (and some aver as far back as the 17th). And after becoming promoted to the status of national music/dance form during the Trujillo regime in the mid-20th century, merengue has truly come into its own - not only ubiquitous throughout the DR but well beyond, becoming hugely popular throughout Latin America and winning adherents in North America, Europe, and beyond.

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