Hassan Basha Mosque

We are not allowed to go inside but the beauty of its façade makes it worth a visit.

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Hassan Basha Mosque

A historic survivor

This temple was built during the XVIII century, when Oran was ruled by Mohamed Bey, one of the most important monarchs of this country’s modern history. The sovereign ordered the mosque to be built as a place of prayer for the people in 1797. In spite of the fact that the city has suffered many changes of fortune since its construction, sometimes with serious consequences for its architectural heritage, the Hassan Bashan Mosque has managed to survive through to the present day to become one of the main meeting places of the Muslim community. Sadly, as is the case for the majority of mosques, it is not possible to visit its beautiful interior; however, it is worth making a visit to this part of the city just to admire the arches and vaults of its facades. Incidentally, its construction coincided with the expulsion of the Moors by the King of Algeria.

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