For an original gift, come and find out more about the work of this potter and choose from all of her works.

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Taller Kaolín (Muruzábal) (Kaolín Workshop) (Muruzábal)

Divided between tradition and modernity.

If you're looking for an original gift, half way between contemporary art and traditional crafts, don't miss the Kaolín shop/workshop, which is 26 kilometres from Pamplona in a town called Muruzábal. This is where the potter, Maria Lourdes Lezá, continues with her know-how in a craft company that has survived since the 1980s, which makes it a veteran in the industry. Her technical specialty is to make handmade products using the potter's wheel, which she learned in the 'Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Pamplona' (School of Arts and Crafts in Pamplona) during five years, where she began her hyper-realistic technique that she applies to ceramics, mud, clay and tree ashes. Her objects are little decorative works of art and replicas of objects that are already forgotten and old-fashioned, such as ancient suitcases, hats or umbrellas that all seem to be real. She also recreates murals of antique doors and works with aged materials such as windows and facades.

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