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Experience a more laid-back side of Dakar while enjoying some deliciously homely local cooking.

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La Pointe Nord

A Senegalese restaurant in the north of the city.

La Pointe Nord offers a chance both sample authentic local home cooking and to see another, quieter, more laid-back side of Dakar. Concretely, this modest spot is away from downtown in the north of the city. Head up toward Avenue Jean Merroz, and as you make your way along, you'll notice that larger buildings and crowded stalls give way toward little white houses and many fewer passersby. The restaurant itself is a humble, traditional affair, with just a small handful of tables in dining room that's smallish but very cosy and decked out in authentic local décor. The menu is packed with hearty delectables that are just as authentic, all executed with an impeccably homemade touch.

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