A wet area to spend the day and enjoy its crystal-clear waters.

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Algar Waterfalls

Take a bath beside a waterfall.

If your idea of Paradise is a virgin, leafy jungle with waterfalls and small lakes, you need to know that there is such a place in the Alicante province and it is called Fuentes del Algar. This is a meandering emsemble of creeks, fountains and waterfalls which together form the river Algar, creating a cool, humid micro-climate that has been declared "Protected Wetland". Tear yourself away from the city for a day and drive 40 minutes to get to this natural paradise that will make you loose track of time while bathing in its crystal-clear waters. The admission to the Fuentes del Algar is €4 per person and although you are not allowed to take your own food to prevent environmental pollution, there are restaurants to have a bite along the way.

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