Bag lovers, this is your place. A journey through the history of this accessory.

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Bag Museum

You've never seen a museum like this one.

Did you think you had seen it all in terms of museums? Think again, and come to the surprising Museo del Bolso de Alicante. Had you noticed that, for millenia, from cave paintings to the Dutch masters, nobody painted a single bag? The answer suggested by this Museum is that bags were considered mere containers. From the roughest of pouches to the finest current design, the museum has developed a theory about the bag's evolution which is therefore displayed in it. Therefore you'll find things like the "metal mail bag", from the Middle Ages, the "nozzle bag", which was all the rage in France during the 18th century, or those made of tortoise shell and ivory in the 19th century. In addition to the bag exhibition, the museum also offers books on the matter and, of course, they sell exclusive bags with prices ranging from 20 to 150 euros.

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