The basilica and its surprising interiors are still standing.

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Basilica of Santa María

A basilica built over a mosque

As was usual at the time, the Christian re-conquerors devoted themselves to destroying the Muslim mosques that had been built all over Spain and building churches on their ruins that can still be visited today. Such is the case of the Basilica of Santa María, considered one of the oldest in Alicante, which was built in the 15th century Gothic style over the ruins of the main mosque in the city. The basilica has also been damaged by the centuries since it was built, including bombing from the sea by enemy ships, so it has been rebuilt many times in a great variety of styles, from Baroque to Rococo. Inside, you will be astonished by its rich, profusely ornated décor, including a Carrara marble baptismal font that may have been carved by Michelangelo's disciples in Italy in the 16th century.

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