Discover the origin of this, the most deeply rooted traditon, and experience the night of Sant Joan in a different way.

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Bonfire Museum

Sant Joan, all year round.

One of the most deeply rooted traditions on the Spanish Mediterranean coast is the celebration of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan (Saint John Bonfires), which have their own museum in Alicante. This traditional festival that signals the beginning of the summer began during the 1920s, although they were violently interrupted during the Civil War years, from 1936. In this museum, a black-and-white photographic journey shows the preparation of the great pyres, the comments in the newspapers of the moment, the coats of arms of the festival committees and the 'bellesas del foc', the beauty queens elected during the festivals. The Museo de Hogueras, housed by the Casa de la Festa in Bailén street, continues its historical journey from the 1940s to the present with the winning 'ninots' (dolls) from each year, which have been spared the bonfire, and which reflect the political and social satire of their year.

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