Admire the amazingly shaped stones and how they have changed over the years.

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Canelobre caves

Nature's own works of art.

Only 20 minutes to the northeast of Alicante is the village of Busot, beside which is one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena: the subterranean erosion that forms caves with fanciful shapes thanks to the action of water over the ages. The Cuevas del Canelobre offer guided tours to see the surprising stalactites and stalagmites that look like Gothic cathedrals, wet underground works of art, which were discovered in 740 AD, although it is believed that the action of water on the ground has been taking place for over seven millin years. The average temperature inside the caves is 18ºC, and there are also remains form the Jurassic period to be discovered in their 80,000m2 of stone splendour with a dome that rises a hundred metres over your head.

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