Once built to defend the city, it is nowadays a place of Cultural Interest.

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Castle of San Fernando

The Alicante defense.

The Castillo de San Fernando shows how the Alicante people foresaw a possible French invasion in 1813, during the Independence War. It actually proves that they were far-sighted and optimistic, because the main purpose of this castle on Monte Tossal was to keep prisoners, since they though they would capture all their enemies. Surprisingly, the Castillo de San Fernando -built to provide support to that of Santa Bárbara- was never actually used, because when the French ships had almost arrived in Alicante, they were called back to take part in the invasion to Russia and only ever carried out a warning bombing. Therefore, the Castillo de San Fernando was left to oblivion and dereliction, since its architecture contained numerous mistakes, due to the speed at which it was built. After declaring it a Cultural Interest Site, its state has been analized to rebuild those parts most affected by time.

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