Those who love contemporary art should not miss these collections, gathered over several decades.

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Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante (MACA)

Contemporary art for your eyes.

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MACA) dates back from the seventies, when artist Eusebio Sempere donated his legacy to the city of Alicante, which is known as 'Colección Arte siglo XX' (20th Century Art Collection). As decades went by, this municipal museum increased its collection and the Casa-Granero de la Asegurada, where the collection was exhibited, slowly grew to accommodate it, eventually becoming the architectonical giant it is today, with over 4,600m2 in the old part of the city. The original building, from the 17th century and located opposite the church of Santa María, was restored and completed with great architectural design. The MACA has increased Sempere's collection with that of the artist Juana Francés, who belonged to a 20th century avant-garde group known as "El Paso", as well as some loan agreements signed with various organisations.

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