In addition to its being an impressive building, it has a particular feature not many know about.

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Council of Alicante

The altitude at the step.

Did you know that the altitude "above sea level" is in fact calculated from a step at the Town Hall of Alicante? Curiously enough, this measuring system was ordered in 1871, when the Red Nacional de Nivelación (National Leveling network) chose the Alicante Bay for its stable orography and the small difference between high and low tides. The measurement was taken at the dock, then transferred to the first step of the Council building, where a bronze plaque shows the 'zero level', from which the altitude in the rest of the country is measured. If you came here specifically to see this, take a moment to look up and let yourself be amazed by this 18th century Baroque palace, with its nearly 50 m long façade with balconies, flanked by two towers that are communicated by means of narrow alleys to the Plaza de la Santa Faz.

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