Not far from Alicante, you'll find this small island with a very interesting archaeological site.

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La Illeta dels Banyets

Bronze Age in Alicante.

Less than 10 km away from Alicante, you can find an extraordinary site showing the life of the early Alicante people, before even the arrival of the Romans: the Illeta dels Banyets archaeological site. This small island waas actually joined to the mainland until an earthquake separated them. In 1943 it was joined again and the archaeological work continued, which you can now observe during an excursion that allows you to admire simultaneously the history and the landscape. The researchers have found artifacts belonging to the Bronze Age, older even that the Iberian population that preceded the Romans, and the Muslims, which were eventually conquered by the Christians. Illeta dels Banyets, with just 10,000 m2, was a key point for its situation in relation with the sea, and it was a commercial area for centuries.

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