Sweeten your day in Alicante's best ice cream shop and dare to try their most original flavours!

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Livanti - Gelato di Sicilia

A sweet treat.

You may not want a full meal, but rather you'd like something nice to keep you going while exploring. If you are anywhere near the Concatedral de San Nicolás, on Muñoz street you will see happy-looking people passing by with ice cream cones. They come fron the Livanti-Gelato di Sicilia ice cream shop. Get near their windows and you'll feel tempted to try their creamy texture and the unsual combinations of flavours, which range from the classic ones to truly innovative concepts, as well as a wide assortment of chocolate flavours, like the 'Chocolate maya' where cocoa is combined with hot spices, resulting in an entirely original taste. Locals know this place well, so don't be put off if there's a queue coming out of its tiny premises: it really is worth the wait.

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