A quiet tea room with a terrace to soak up its ambience and make an afternoon of it.

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Luz de Luna

Enjoy a delicious cup of tea and forget about the time.

Luz de Luna, an exotic, bohemian tea room in L'Olleria street since it opened in 2002, is a place where time moves at a different pace and clocks don't matter. On its terrace you can find live ethnic music or dance shows, which you can watch while enjoying a tropical fruit smoothie or a natural juice, or perhaps a cup of tea chosen from their wide range. The idea behind Luz de Luna was inspired by a Buddhist legend according to which Buddha cried when he saw the fate of men, predestined to suffering, decay and death. And where his tears fell, there grew a bush that would soothe the sorrow of men: the tea bush. And all its varieties and variations can be found in this tea room.

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