Currently, it houses the city's Municipal Archive, but it has a long history.

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Maisonnave Palace

Roman ruins in Alicante.

This is probably one of the very few buildings still standing in Alicante since Roman days. It now houses the Municipal Archive, and is known as the Maisonnave Palace, due to the rich family of Irish ancestry who bought it in the 18th century. The mansion was built on late Roman ruins (6th century) including a necropolis, which later were reused to built a medieval house, rebuilt in the 15th century and again at a later date. Throughout the ages, the 6th century Roman stones were reused over and over until they became the current palace, where restoration works and archaeological digging in the 80s confirmed its antiquity. The Municipal Archive opens its doors to the public to visit a glass-covered cave where the archaeological site can be seen, although the exhibited bones are copies, to keep the originals safe.

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