A sustainability icon born out of the history of the city that nowadays has become an environmental museum.

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Museo de Aguas de Alicante (M2A)

Caring for the environment.

Known as the Pozos de Garrigós (Garrigós Wells), and located on the hillside of Mount Benacantil and not far from Plaza del Puente, these wells used to receive and accumulate the rainwater brought by an aqueduct to a city with serious water shortage problems. These large wells, whose origin dates back from the Muslim age and which were later consolidated in the 19th century, now house the Museo de las Aguas de Alicante (M2A - Alicante Water Museum) where the exhibition explains how the city's water problems (droughts and subsequent floods) were resolved. The museum was created in 2009, on the 110th aniversary of the creation of Aguas de Alicante, and has become a bechmark in environmental terms. This museum is part of an effort to place the city as a symbol of sustainability among European cities; a curious mix of history and environmental future for a society marked by a lack of water.

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