Behind the nativity scene there is a long history, a lot of creativy and work; here you can learn about all of that.

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Museo de Belenes (Nativity Scene Museum)

And we only think about them for Christmas…

The craft of the maestros belenistas (nativity scene masters) is only ever thought about for Christmas, when their representation of Jesus' birth is taken out of the loft. However, they work all year long to create their figurines: miniature oxes, mules, kings... they are all part of an art with many centuries of history. Did you know that the first scene ever recorded was made in the cathedral of Barcelona in the year 1300? Or that king Carlos III was greatly fond of the nativity scene, and made them popular in religious places, among the people in his court? The Museo de Belenes de Alicante, located on San Agustín steet, collects and exhibits these curious facts, and many others, along with its tiny art pieces. There are scenes explaining the evolution of the figures and an exhibition showing scenes from all over the world: from Europe to Japan, Africa or China.

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