Live music, a cocktail or a cup of coffee, and take your time to enjoy one of the most original places in Alicante.

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Noray Cafébar

A café by the sea

How would you like to have a coffee or a cocktail almost literally floating on the sea? The Noray Cafébar is located in a privileged spot of the Port of Alicante, right beside the berth from where the catamarans that go to the Tabarca island leave, so if you have planned to do just that, you can relax in the Noray's cosmopolitan, marine ambience upon your return. Designed by architect J.C. García Soler in wood and metal, the Noray Cafébar opened its doors in 1999 and since then it has become a benchmark for the most relaxed Alicante nights and the dawns lulled by classical music. In this floating bar you can revel in its marvelous coctails and live music, from flamenco to neotango, including fussion jazz and classical music, while watching the boats sail in and out of the port.

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